where ART loves and supports SCIENCE

Board Members

Derya B. Ozyurt, PhD  (co-founder, Board Member):  Derya is an engineer, PhD scientist, and a musician.  He plays drums and is also mastering in a string instrument called Baglama.  He is in favor of being active for a cause; swimming and running for various non-profit organizations. Derya is a Chemical and Industrial Engineer with an expertise in mathematical programming, software development, systems modeling and optimization. 
Hande Ozdinler, PhD (co-founder, Board Member):  Hande is a neuroscientist, a photographer and a painter.  She developed OzdinART ®, a new form of painting and uses photoshop-based imaging technique to generate science-based art images.  Hande is trained in the fields of molecular biology, genetics, cell biology, and neuroscience.  Her research focuses on motor neurons and diseases in which motor neurons degenerate.  
Susan McConnell (Board Member): Susan is the founder of Let it be US, a nonprofit organization that promote foster care and adoption, helping thousands of families and children.  Susan is also an art enthusiast and an incurable humanitarian. Her expertise in bringing people together, forming communities, and focusing on what matters most makes her an exceptional person.
Maryilene Blondell (Board Member): Maryilene’s career has encompassed both the media and non-profit sectors. She has worked for BBC Radio, ABC and NBC Network News. She was also the Director of Development for the ALS Association, Chicago Chapter- with a focus on research, advocacy and programming. Maryilene has a vast knowledge of motor neuron diseases and the non-profit sector. Her previous work for The Kennedy Foundations Very Special Arts organization, along with her own long term interest and support of the arts and art acquisition, provide a unique asset to Art Loves Science Foundation.
Naureen (Shazi) Baumeister (Treasurer): Shazi has received training and education in the field of international business, with a minor in accounting. She is a professional bookkeeper. Shazi is an art enthusiast and supports the education of science and technology. She also loves building community and relationships among different groups.
Sine Aras Akten, MD (Board Member):  Sine, a respected nephrologist, graduated from Albert Einstein College of Medicine. She is currently practicing medicine in New York. Sine is also a painter in watercolor merging with ink by a different and unique technique and an emerging art director. She recently graduated from New York Film Academy in the field of Film Making. Sine realizes the importance of blending art and science and she is a living example of how the two domains actually convergence. She believes in a beauty that can represent itself in every facades of life.