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OzdinART® is a new form of painting that uses a novel aqueous chemical solution, which enables colors to be mixed without blending.  In addition, upon solidifying the solution generates a 3D painting on canvas.  Blending colors in water and transferring them to paper has been used in EBRU painting, a traditional Ottoman art form.  OzdinART enables ebru form of painting on canvas with a 3D structure, enabling an innovation to a painting style that remained unchanged for more than 500 years.  

Original OzdinART images are mostly not suitable for sale on internet, as they are more personalized and unique.   They will soon be part of exhibits and we will be sharing detailed images of numerous OzdinART.  Please contact us if you would like to promote OzdinART by e-mailing als@artlovesscience.org with the subject heading: “Promoting OzdinART-Your name-Date”.