where ART loves and supports SCIENCE

Why Art Loves Science?

Because in reality art loves science and science loves art.   Art and science are the two pillars of the bridge, which holds us together, allows us to mingle beauty and reason, giving life a meaning and purpose.  We decided to bring art and science together more effectively, such that art will help the birth of innovative ideas that emerge from collaborative efforts of young scientists, who often times do not have the support they need and deserve.  We also wanted art and the love of art to foster students and their passion to be a scientist in the future. 

We are scientists and also artists. We find beauty in art and reason in science.  We also realize that there is reason in art and beauty in science.  Here we emphasize the beauty in science, by generating images that mostly originate from scientific discoveries.  We hope that you will embrace them, adopt them, and take them with you.  

Without the love of art science will be blunt, without the love of science art will be alone. 

We invented a new way of painting using science and called it OzdinART ®.  We are generating images using a novel and innovative approach. Some of our images stem from experiments performed in the lab and some reflect pure emotions.  

Our love of art helps us promote scientific discoveries, and promote young scientists to stay in science and keep producing, testing, and verifying novel and collaborative ideas.

We need more art in science and more science in art..  So this is exactly why we started the Art Loves Science Foundation.